[WYOMING, December 6th] – The Wyoming Food Coalition will host its 3rd Annual Conference on December 10th and 11th, 2021. The Coalition will host, through facilitated virtual sessions, speakers on a wide variety of topics regarding Wyoming’s food system. It will include a diverse range of food system topics and speakers, and the Coalition wants to hear what local food and ag challenges and opportunities to engage in 2022. The conference is free to all, please register here. Below you will discover more on each conference topic and when to join. 

DAY 1 – Friday, December 10th

Wyoming Food Coalition & Working Group Updates – 9:00am-10:15am

This year has been filled with events and initiatives for the Wyoming Food Coalition. There was a monthly Speaker Series each led by one of the seven working groups, a monthly newsletter which included a working group highlights and  upcoming events, news, and food and agriculture resources, and overall building the foundation of the organization. Each of the seven working groups have all been working on their own initiatives and efforts in support of the overall Coalition. 

Meat Packing & Industry – 10:15am-11:45am

This session will focus on the current meat industry in Wyoming and new meat packing laws in our state. Meat processors across Wyoming will join to discuss and answer questions regarding the current meat industry in Wyoming. Check out last year’s session on meat packing and processing here


  • Dan Waldvogle, Rocky Mountain Farmers Union
  • Frank Schmidt, Legacy Meats
  • Kelcey Christensen, 307 Meats
  • Ruby Ward, Utah State
  • Amanda Winchester, CWC Meat Science

Crop Diversity & Specialty Crops – 12:15pm-1:15pm

There is a diverse range of specialty crops currently grown in Wyoming. Producers will speak about their farm operations and answer questions about their efforts. Along with other food producers across the state, Wyoming Food Coalition President Adam Bunker will discuss the efforts and growing methods of Papa Joe’s Produce based in Sheridan, WY. 


  • Cole Ehmke; UW Extension
  • Sarah Cowan; Cowan Flowers, Wheatland
  • Adam Bunker; Papa Joe’s Produce, Sheridan
  • Bob Jordan; High Plains Growers Cooperative, Gillette
  • Ethan Page; CWC Incubator Farm; Small-scale sustainable farming, Riverton
  • JoAnne Englehaupt; Rusty Bucky, Owner, Rozet

Producer Feedback & Lessons Learned – 1:25pm-2:55pm

This session will focus on recommendations, feedback, and the lessons learned by Wyoming food producers. From environmental change to pest management, join this session to learn more about how to adapt as a food producer in Wyoming. Additionally, join us to let us know what you have learned as a food producer in Wyoming. 


  • Jeremiah Vardiman; Powell County Extension Agent
  • Terri Craft; Lloyd Craft Farms, Worland
  • Scott Richards; Shoshone River Farms, Cody
  • JoAnne Englehaupt; Rusty Bucket, Owner, Rozet

Strong Native Communities: Native Food Ways – 3:10pm-4:10pm

Wyoming’s native communities discuss and answer questions about native food and traditions. This session, led by Strong Native Communities working group chair Rhonda Bowers, will host Wind River Nation (Formerly Growing Resilience), where they will discuss growing gardens and creating food justice within native communities. 


  • Rhonda Bowers; Northern Arapaho
  • Pat Harris; Northern Arapaho
  • Clarisse Harris; Northern Paiute
  • Wind River Nation; Growing Gardens & Food Justice

Wyoming Soil Health Initiative – 4:20pm-5:00pm

This session will focus on the current updates and next steps in building a state-wide soil health initiative in Wyoming. Led by Jay Norton (University of Wyoming, College of Agriculture) and Michael Selmer (Sustainable Ecosystems Chair).


  • Jay Norton; University of Wyoming, College of Agriculture

DAY 2 – Saturday, December 11th 

Buyer/Grower: Regulations, Markets & Retails, Wholesale – 9:15am-10:45am

Want to help develop the market and distribution infrastructure to connect consumers to Wyoming grown food products and produce? This session will include a primer on regulations, selling direct to consumer, how to buy and sell local food wholesale, and how  infrastructure expands to support it. Discussion will include sales opportunities through E-Commerce, developing market locations and distribution, facilitating producer-consumer relationships, and the support and systems available. 


  • Jesse Miller; Bould Development, Casper
  • LeAnn Miller; Executive Director, Casper Community Greenhouse Project
  • Bob Jordan; High Plains Growers Cooperative, Gillette
  • JoAnne Englehaupt; Rusty Bucket, Owner, Rozet
  • Monty Gilbreath; Converse County School District

Listening Session & Issue Spotting: Identifying Challenges & Opportunities – 11:00am-12:30pm

The Wyoming Food Coalition wants to know what you think! This listening session will be focused on listening about what the Wyoming Food Coalition should focus their efforts on in 2022. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to share their take on our food system, sustainable agriculture, food access and justice, and/or climate change. 


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