Wyoming Food Coalition has two Americorps Vistas to support the vision, mission, and values of the organization by connecting and assisting the needs of stakeholders while promoting equitable access to local food in Wyoming. The goals of our VISTAS are to promote, support, and expand the production, access, and consumption of fresh, local food in Wyoming with an emphasis on people living in poverty, vulnerable populations, and geographically isolated.‚Äč

Meet the Vistas

Emily Fender

Emily is a recent graduate of the University of Wyoming where she achieved a BS in Environment and Natural Resources with a concurrent degree in Anthropology, minors in Sustainability and Honors, and a concentration in food systems. She has expertise in qualitative writing and research, developing adaptive management plans and proposals, plus team collaboration relating to sustainable strategies and methods. Emily also has a background in researching and developing food share cabinets on the University of Wyoming campus. She holds a background in student leadership and advocacy, where she occupied the president role of the Environment and Natural Resources Club and the Wyoming Anthropological Association. She has held an undergraduate research position under the Bioenergy Alliance Network of the Rockies (BANR), where she assisted on transcribing and coding interviews which focused on the health, safety, and socioeconomics of beetle kill wood bio-energy.

Dr. Gleyn Bledsoe

Dr Gleyn Bledsoe lives in Laramie, Wyoming and is an internationally recognized expert in Food Harvest, Processing, Marketing and Agribusiness as well as related Economic Development. He has additional expertise in Fisheries, Aquaculture, Natural Resource Utilization, and Post-Harvest Processing including the Cold Chain (Refrigerated processing, storage, and transportation); Food Safety and Counter Bioterrorism, management and research. He retired in 1990 as President of a Seattle/Alaska based seafood company; subsequently returning to university to achieve advanced degrees. Since then, he has applied his experience and education working to improve fisheries, agriculture, food safety as well as to work in food and fisheries economic development internationally in over 73 countries. Dr Bledsoe is also a retired US Air Force Officer.

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