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WFC Seeking Communications Volunteer

Are you passionate about supporting local food? Are you looking for a way to help build Wyoming’s food systems? The Wyoming Food Coalition (WFC) is seeking a motivated volunteer to help with social media and newsletter outreach. Effective outreach is a key piece of our mission to connect food system stakeholders and amplify their voices.

This position will work with the Strategic Communications Working Group to disseminate content for the WFC. The Working Group will help plan overall outreach activities and provide materials. The volunteer will carry out activities through regular social media posts and a monthly newsletter. These activities support our mission by promoting the activities of food systems throughout the state.


  • Attend monthly (virtual) Strategic Communications Working Group meetings.
  • Work with Strategic Communications Group chair and WFC leadership to develop social media and newsletter materials.
  • Post to WFC social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram) 2-3 times per week.
  • Use WFC tools to compile and distribute monthly newsletter.

Ideal Skills*

  • Comfortable using Facebook Business Suite to produce/schedule social media content
  • Effective communications skills
  • Familiarity with graphic design tools like Canva to produce graphics
  • Experience with MailChimp
  • Experience with WordPress
  • *These skills ideal, but not required. A basic familiarity with social media and content management tools will translate to the specific tools listed above. A willingness to engage and learn is more important than previous experience and/or skills. Our team will provide training on specific tools as necessary.

All activities can be completed remotely with a good internet connection.

Schedule/Estimated Commitment
Once trained, the tasks described will likely take an estimated 3-4 hours per week.

We will provide familiarization and training on all tools specific to the WFC. The Strategic Communications Group chair and WFC president will provide guidance to the volunteer and oversee activities.

Other Volunteer Opportunities
Are you interested in volunteering with the WFC but don’t feel this position is quite right? We’d love to have you on the team. There are countless opportunities through on of our Working Groups to make a difference for our state. Contact us today to start sharing your unique experience and passion!

Contact the Strategic Communications Chair Melissa Hemken through the form below to get started.

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