Undergraduate Opportunity: Wyoming Wildlife Fellowship

The management and conservation of wildlife and fisheries resources relies on professionals with extensive scientific knowledge, a nuanced understanding of how the public interfaces with natural resources, and a mastery of skills ranging from estimating population trajectories to pulling trailers to talking with landowners. The Wyoming Wildlife Fellowship strives to promote well-rounded and well-prepared wildlife and fisheries professionals through an immersive, supportive, hands-on education and work experience.

About the Fellowship:

Each semester, Fellows will select hands-on volunteer experiences focused on diverse aspects of wildlife and fisheries management and conservation in Wyoming. Want to check out what it’s like to use radiotelemetry to find the location of frogs? Or help wildlife biologists collect important data about hunting at hunter check stations? Or learn how to present a scientific concept so that is understandable to the general public? If you are a Fellow, these are just a few of the many experiences you could have in any semester!

In addition to the volunteer experiences during the semesters, Fellows will also complete a seminar course each year and are guaranteed paid summer employment while enrolled in the program. The seminar course will explore concepts or skills necessary for wildlife and fisheries management and conservation that may be otherwise overlooked in coursework. Through summer employment, Fellows will gain work experience that is necessary to be competitive for any position in wildlife or fisheries professions.

The Fellowship is open to any undergraduate at the University of Wyoming, including transfer students and incoming freshmen, who is interested in wildlife and fisheries management and conservation and who has at least 2 full years (4 semesters, 2 summers) left in their undergraduate degree.

Applications accepted through March 31, 2022. Click below to learn more and apply.

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