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Highlighted Working Group: Policy

On behalf of the Wyoming Food Coalition, the Policy Working Group (Policy WG) is working to advocate for the health of Wyoming’s food system, including physical and economic health for our producers, consumers, students, and local food industries. Over the past several years, the Policy group has taken on several legislative topics related to agriculture and food in Wyoming.

Most recently, a key topic during the 2022 Wyoming Legislative session was potential Medicaid expansion. Numerous studies have shown a direct relationship between increased access to healthcare, including Medicaid expansion, and improved food security. Because of the Wyoming Food Coalition’s commitment to improving food security, the Policy group compiled and distributed a brief to this affect. The complete brief is available here.

In previous sessions, the Policy group has completed similar information-sharing outreach and direct testimony on several key subjects, including:

  • Speaking with legislative committees against re-imposing sales tax on groceries
  • Outreach to Wyoming’s Congressional delegation regarding the importance of the 2021 infrastructure bill to rural areas
  • Collaborating with other ag organizations on joint advocacy regarding agriculture property tax eligibility
  • Evaluation of and position statements on various amendments to the Wyoming Food Freedom Act

Policy Working Group members:

Livy Lewis, Working Group Chair, Wind River Food Sovereignty Project

Jude Buchanan, Sunlight Acupuncture, Casper Community Greenhouse Project

LeRoy Jons, Horticulturist, University of Wyoming Extension

LeAnn Miller, Eat Wyoming, Casper Community Greenhouse Project

Scott Zimmerman, Government Relations/Field Representative, Rocky Mountain Farmers Union

Alyssa Wechsler-Duba, Powder River Basin Resource Council

Pennie Vance, Powder River Basin Resource Council

Adam Bunker, Papa Joe’s Produce

Jesse Miller, Eat Wyoming, Family Medicine Physician

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