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Building the Food Equality State: March

“If you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day…” The familiar moral of this parable is that it’s better to teach a person to fish, because then they can eat for a lifetime. That said, it takes more than sharing knowledge to enable someone to fish. Anyone who fly fishes knows, for example, that it takes substantial amounts of guided and solo practice, time, travel, negotiation of permits and regulations, access to clean streams with fish in them, not to mention equipment, to successfully fly fish. And that at the end of a day in the river, you might still not have enough to eat for dinner. (Also, hopefully you like fish and to fish, while having the equipment and set-up to turn a catch into a meal.)


Sharing fish, and sharing knowledge about how to fish, are both necessary, and also not sufficient, for ensuring that every Wyoming family has enough good food to eat.


The WFC envisions sustainable local food economies in Wyoming that are diverse, thriving, and equitable. This includes ensuring that everyone in Wyoming can partake in the best foods we produce (from gardens to the grocery store) and that economic livelihoods in the food system are equitably available and can make people a living. (Questions? Contact Christine Porter, the Fairness and Justice Work Group Chair) 

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